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Welcome in the world of Tickers, let us introduce you our uniqueness!

Turn all your important people, things, events and big dates into tickers! Name all of these tickers and edit them with pictures, put them into categories and organize all of them on your Ticker list. You can change, rearrange, reset and share your tickers and be absolutely confident that you will be reminded every time when you need any one of them!

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User reviews

Life Ticker Pro - Best Tracker! Excellent support!

by LexiWa - Version - 3.0.1 Mar 4, 2015

I love Life Ticker Pro. I can keep track of Birthdays (count up) - just be glancing I can see how old person is. I can make any category I want to track. I use one for Renewals for subscriptions (count down) so I can tell when I get close to renewal date. I have one for our upcoming Reunion so I can keep track of how many days to that event - on planning committee. You can have ticker picture, choose to be notified or not, count up or down, and make your own categories. I love the bigger size fonts. I had trouble figuring how to creating new categories and emailed for help. What exceptional customer service. The got back to me quickly. I tried it but still had trouble and the sent me detailed, visual instructions. I'm a visual person so this was great! The only thing they might do is have a little help manual included as a reference guide. Use your imagination of what you can keep tract in your life!

New Update!

by Dupper #33 - Version - 3.0.0 Feb 12, 2015

Love the new updated version. Now I can add events without having to start all over. This app lets me keep up with past events that are important to me! Good Job!

Nice App!

by antoniokoebble - Version - 2.1.2 Oct 27, 2014

I saw the movie Equalizer last month and got the idea to time certain events. I find myself counting down to all events now that I have this app. I used it for my son today to see how long he could go between snacks. This is not his favorite app right now! This is a great app and I recommend for all.

LifeTicker app is great!!!

by Oyef - Version - 2.1.2 Dec 23, 2013

It's very useful and simple. The best one!!!


by Herkbert - Version - 2.1.2 Dec 7, 2013

The app is the best count down / count up one I've seen. Keeps track of multiple events, easy to use and looks good too.

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